My Tenets

These principles are practical strategies I've honed over years of leading design projects. Here's how these tenets manifest in my practice:

Collaboration and communication is my jam

I believe every member of the product triads—design, engineering, and product management—has a voice and a seat at the table. It's this vibe of trust and openness that makes magic happen. We should see a balance of new work, alongside UX and technical debts in the workstream.

People at the heart

I cultivate empathetic relationships with triad partners. Partnerships should be nurtured for mutual growth.

Grounded with Data

I champion data-informed design approaches by combining qualitative insights with quantitative analytics. This will result in decisions that addressed real needs, mitigated risks early on, and aligned efforts with clearly defined goals.

Quality meets pragmatism

I advocate product team’s alignment in what constitutes as good product. The hard work is finding that sweet spot between user needs and business goals, while balancing the realities of development constraints. It's all about iterating, refining, and not sacrificing quality for speed.

Forever Curious

I tackle challenges with the spirit of a detective to problem-solve, always asking questions and digging deeper to understand the underlying issues. This mindset helps with my commitment to lifelong learning.

Systems Thinking

I ensure the work contributes to the big picture and holistic strategy by connecting the dots with different altitudes in mind.

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