Leading with wisdom and wit

I'm Christina, a seasoned lead product designer with experience across multiple B2B and B2C SaaS industries. My last role was staff and lead UX designer. As a UX triad lead, I was responsible for aligning four cross-functional teams' portfolios while executing UX design for one group.

My approach is always holistic, pragmatic, and collaborative. I love tackling sticky problems with curiosity and wit. I influence product decisions by connecting the dots and guiding teams through big-picture thinking, aligning users and business perspectives.

I've mentored and led teams with ease and a sense of humor, earning me the "lighthearted badass" award from my company.

As a lead designer, I'm your partner for building best-in-class teams passionate about delivering delightful experiences.

My superpower is bringing stakeholder voices into the same room to align on strategy and execution.

When leading teams, my leadership style values curiosity, autonomy, transparency, and trust.

I navigate with a beginner's mind, fueled by empathy and confidence.

I channel my creative outlet into illustrations.

Here's my linkedin. Let's build something together.

PS: Oh, and I code, but I don't know how to say it without sounding like a nerd!

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