A lighthearted badass and partner for best-in-class teams

I suppose I could tell you how I have twenty years of experience with teams of all shapes and sizes. During those years, I dabble in many industries, from HR to marketing, accounting, and analytics.

My experience makes me a great partner for best-in-class teams.

Every great product starts with a best-in-class team. Every great team starts with great partners.

What makes great partners?

  • We're relentlessly curious.
  • We have a superpower: empathy that allows us to understand the users, the market, and most importantly: each other.
  • We seek clarity and alignment on a vision.
  • We build trust by giving each other a seat at the table.
  • We're lighthearted badasses. We take work seriously but never ourselves.

Great partners in best-in-class teams are passionate about delivering delight. Confident and unstoppable, we get sh*t done.

Does this sound like you? Let's build something together.

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